Best Affiliate Offers To Promote In 2021

Getting Started

This article is concise value, no fake promises of easy money. This is a free list of all of the best affiliate offers that I am currently using and earning money to promote!

To be clear one reason I have experienced such success promoting these companies is that I have been using these services myself for a while now, I am familiar with the services and I understand the value they provide their customers. I highly suggest you take the time to learn more about these companies in your free time because you can earn a lot more money if you partner with a great company from the start.

I’ll keep this article quick and straight forward. I’ll start with the affiliate offer I have been making the most money with and finish with a huge affiliate offer that pays affiliates 40% Lifetime Recurring Commissions!

#1 Webull's Affiliate Program

Webull is a free and safe stock investing app that allows users to trade stocks online from their mobile devices or from their computer. I personally use Webull on my phone and my computer. After using them for a while I was impressed and believing in their company motivated me to email them about an affiliate marketing partnership.

Affiliate marketing request for webull

After 2 years of working as a partner with Webull I can confidently say they are one of the best companies I have worked with so far for many reasons. 

Most importantly, they have a noble vision to provide everyone with free and easy access to the stock market. Instead of investing their money into big ads Webull re-invests in their app and relies mainly on positive reviews and user referrals to build their user-base. They provide all new users with free stocks and if you enjoy their app and want to help promote it they will provide you with plenty of free stocks $$$.

How It Works

how webull's affiliate program works

Now Webull makes it easy, after creating an account you will be able to participate in Webull’s refer a friend promotion. Typically every friend you refer who opens an account gets free stocks and you get two free stocks. Right now though you will receive two free stocks for your first referral and six free stocks for your second referral. That’s right you can get ten free stocks in total just for creating an account and showing two friends.


After 2 years of working with Webull I have been given shirts, masks, gift cards, bonuses and more importantly over 900 free stocks and counting $$$!

Click Here To Create a Webull Account

#2 Fiverr's Affiliate Program


Fiverr is a popular marketplace for online freelancers to offer their services. Fiverr sellers offer everything from logo design to app development. Fiverr is one of my favorite companies to help promote because I have personally relied on their services in the past and I believe their marketplace will only continue to grow with additional services in the future. 

Fiverr’s wide variety of different services make it a useful resource for a large variety of potential customers which will greatly improve your success while promoting it.

If You re Interested in Partnering with Fiverr Click Here

#3 MaxBounty Affiliate Network

MaxBounty is a large and reliable CPA affiliate network that connects marketers and influencers with paying campaigns. There are over 1,500 campaigns for MaxBounty users to advertise to across all different traffic sources. Creating an account is free and after completing a one time phone interview you will automatically be assigned an “affiliate manager”. This “affiliate manager” can help you find the best campaign for your traffic and help with technical issues as well as notify you of upcoming promotion incentives.

Interested in Checking MaxBounty’s Affiliate Program? Click Here

#4 Kartra Affiliate Program

kartra features

Kartra is a professional all in one website building software, no coding skills necessary, no third party apps or programming experience is needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kartra you can read our review here.

After partnering with Kartra I was pleasantly surprised to learn that affiliates earn 40% of their referral’s subscriptions each month for life. Subscriptions are anywhere from $99 to $499 a month so as an affiliate you can expect to earn $39.60 to $199.60 for every referral each month.

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