Best Stocks For 2021

What are the best stocks for 2022?

What are the best stocks for 2022? That’s been a highly searched question among young investors amid the pandemic in recent years. With a never-ending search to create true financial freedom, I have been researching numerous financial strategies and creating a plethora of potentially lucrative companies to check out!

Lets go over the different levels of risk associated with investing when you’re either just hopping in, or a seasoned vet.

Low-Risk Long Term Investments– (10 Years+)

Medium-Risk Investments (6 Months – 5 Years) 

High-Risk Quick Return Investments (Day Trade – 6 Months)

Low Risk Long Term Investments (10 Years+)

Low Risk-Long Term holds in investments usually require a period of holding no less than 10 years because of the return the market provides. Over the last decade and some, ther S&P 500 along with Dow Jones reportedly averaged anywhere between 11 and as high as %15 returns annually! Over the next 10 years you can safely assure your stocks and overall portfolio will grow with ease beating inflation.
Long Term positions in the market are essential for a properly built portfolio according to the internet (Source).  Just because you aren’t rich doesn’t mean you can’t invest your money, As technology got more accessible so did platforms allowing young minds to get into the wall street world! ETFs are one of these more easily accessible tools used to strengthen a portfolio by giving investors the ability to invest in the top performing companies categorized into one folder.

Here are a few low-risk investments options we’d recommend checking out:

Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO)

When you start getting into ETFs it gets to be less of a headache for sure. An ETF also known as a “Exchange-Traded Fund” is a portfolio  of top performing companies on the US stock exchange. ETFs as previously mentioned are known to be a safety net for investors as they also produce a proven track record of at least a 8-12% annual return. -over the last 10 years.- (source). During the pandemic many companies took a plummet, but with the help and balance of other companies thriving; ETFs remain safe. As ETFs grew in popularity they ramped in volume, as they ramp in volume they are able to pay investors more, as reported by yahoo finance dividends reached $1.43 per share on 6/29/2022!

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  • Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy ETF (QCLN)

QCLN focuses their efforts in clean energy, after making some big investments towards tesla and a few other ingenious companies has resulted in a steady growth over recent years. Like other ETF QCLN offers dividends when holding their shares, paying out a whopping $0.11 per share. There is no doubt that investors that believe in climate control and don’t mind politics influencing their funds, this is the one to get into.

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  • ARK Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW)

ARKW also referred to as the ‘Next Generation Internet’ ETF focuses its power on investing into 5G as well as other next-generation internet technologies. Individuals checking this out should consider the type of age we are heading towards and the impact 5G and the internet is going to have in the future. 

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Medium Risk Investments (6 Months – 5 Years)

Medium risk Investments is where you start to see volatility more frequently than the low risk portfolio options. Getting into short holding companies that are known to do feats in just months is something only a seasoned vet should entertain. I personally always hold for the long term if you’re wanting to obtain wealth through building and dividends. The companies listed below are easily politically influenced and have made shifts in great numbers in short periods of time: 

Tesla (TSLA)

In recent years Elon Musk has unveiled multiple new vehicles coming to market when talking about newly upgraded EV’s. Doing so every time he’s in the public eye he always manages to talk about Tesla and new projects he’s investing on. Ironically the times he does this are also the same times his company surges thus making this stock a hot pick for politically influenced Medium Risk.

Amazon (AMZN)

The powerhouse of the world in E-Commerce is globally influenced and powered by a chain of entrepreneur’s and as resources become scarce for certain industries, online markets like this were affected. For anyone about to make this jump into the market, handling this beast is going to be a ride for sure and make sure you’re properly set up before getting into more risky companies.

Alphabet Inc Class A (GOOGL)

Google as we all know is the mountain you can’t beat but only climb, the leading online search engine is known for its users to provide exactly whatever it is they type in on the internet. Ever since Google opened they have been massing data for years collectively training AI to scan websites, tracking codes, cookies, pictures you like, things you talk about, and so much more. It allowed the powerhouse to wield so much influence over everyone that companies can’t help but pay hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars just to get your “cookies” so they sell you exactly what you’re thinking about. In short, google is a great medium risk option because it’s relatively cheap, and if time has told us anything, technology only grows.

High-Risk Quick Return Investments (Day Trade – 6 Months)

If you’re looking to get into a high risk high reward scenario then maybe stocks aren’t your thing after all. Many of the people you hear about getting into penny stocks or stocks that are less then $4 usually don’t end well. Once you see a stock that low its a good indication of three things:
One: Someone’s business is losing out.
Two: It’s a new company, too new to tell how it’ll last.
Three: It was a pump and dump by big executives. If that’s the case then you already missed it.

Lets just say you’re reading this and going “Yeah whatever” okay great. Let’s talk about other options you may want to explore… I Strongly believe that if you’re trying to attempt the “quick flips” then crypto would be your best friend, many of the coins on the Crypto Exchange are actually used in real life applications. It’s up to you to do research on which one is worth looking into. Some of the coins i recommend to check out are:
As well as Defi/alt coins. When grabbing some for an investment or making a day trade I also use a LEDGER. Check that article out here!

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