Kartra Pricing and Features 2020

Kartra Pricing and Features 2020


Kartra Pricing

Considering a lower cost web hosting platform for your business or website? A web platform that can automate emails, customer interaction, and much more, so you can focus on more pressing matters. Let’s see which Kartra pricing plan is for your website. Each plan has the essentials for your website, however certain plans are more low cost and better fit for you. Let’s break down these four Kartra pricing plans and see which one offers best deal for your website.

Kartra Starter Plan - $99 per month / $79 per month billed annually

The Kartra starter plan is the cheapest plan with 50GB and one custom domain. You can create 100 pages on your site with this plan which covers all you would need, however, if you are creating an online store, the silver plan is for you because the starter plan is only able to sell 20 products at a time.

Kartra Pricing Tables

Silver Plan - $199 per month / $149 per month billed annually

The silver plan is perfect for e-commerce and websites that require more products for business at a low cost when billed annually. If your website is going to be much larger than the starter plan limitations, the silver plan is for you. This plan includes 10,000 more leads than the starter plan with 3 custom domains and 125GB of bandwidth. 

Gold Plan - $299 per month / $229 per month billed annually

The gold, platinum, and silver plan both feature unlimited pages, products, membership, and support from Kartra. Key differences being 12,500 more leads and 5 custom domains for your website.

Platinum Plan - $499 per month / $379 per month billed annually

The platinum plan has 400 GB of bandwidth and 10 custom domains for your website. With Kartra platinum you will get unlimited live support forever. This includes every possible feature Kartra has to offer, along with 50,000 leads!

Kartra is currently offering new users a 14-day-trial for only $1, this is a great opportunity to check out all of Kartra’s features for yourself before fully committing to a membership.

Kartra Features

Kartra comes with multiple features for any type of website imaginable. These features are what separates Kartra from other funnel platforms. With tools for automation on every aspect of customer interaction, Kartra pricing includes all of the essential features for e-commerce, blog sites, and businesses online. Let’s look into what Kartra can create for your website.

Kartra Features List

Kartra Page Customization

The customization of your landing pages are an essential aspect of your website. Kartra makes creating your pages easy and also has a tutorial that goes into each step to help you in any stage of development. This platform has multiple professionally designed templates to choose from with built in drag and drop features so you can create a page in minutes without any coding.

All Kartra Pricing Plans Include Kartra Mail

Kartra mail is e-mail marketing and automation. It can help you find out how users interact with your campaigns.This tool has built in features to test which time of the day scores higher conversions. Using this feature you can have emails sent to your leads automatically. Track all of your customer responses and have automated replies. Kartra mail is included with every Kartra pricing plan.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

Kartra Pricing Funnels and Campaigns

Campaigns and Funnels are essential in any online business. With Kartra’s simple funnels and campaigns you can visually piece together your own campaigns with an easy drag and drop creator. For those who don’t want to make their own campaign, you can use pre-made campaigns and funnels from other Kartra users. These pre-made campaigns are tested and proven with built in designs, popups, and automations, so that you never miss a sale. Any funnel and campaign you create can also be sold on Kartra’s marketplace, allowing you to earn extra money on the side.

Kartra Pricing Includes Kartra Membership

All Kartra pricing plans include Kartra memberships. Memberships allows you to create custom sites with exclusive content that requires an account to view. This will turn your visitors into your members so they can view exclusives and stay updated updated with your content.

Kartra Calanders

Kartra calanders will keep track of all your appointments and business needs in one easy to use digital calander. It allows for you to organize any customer appointments and set dates with a few clicks. Be able to control your availability and never miss your scheduled session or appointment.

Kartra Helpdesks

Kartra Helpdesks Multi-agent collaboration

Helpdesks is a special tool that not many other web platforms have, this web feature increases your response time with customers on your website and other platforms. This tool allows you to have multiple agents and departments, all in one neat portal. Using this feature you can create and save replies to customers for future use. In the helpdesks portal you can view all transaction history and customer profile. Helpdesks will ultimately increase your response time, while simultaneously decreasing the work it takes to respond.

All Kartra Pricing Plans Include 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Along with the purchase of your Kartra pricing plan, Kartra offers a full refund if you request one within the first 30 days.


I would consider one of the Kartra pricing plans if you need a website with multiple features like an email response, page customization, affiliate tracking, and campaigns, built into one platform to make everything simple. If you are considering making an online store, Kartra can make a store with unlimited products and interact with customers all in one portal with the silver plan or higher. In conclusion, Kartra is for a website that requires maintenance often or multiple features. Don’t forget Kartra has a 14 day trial for $1, so feel free to try out their platform for yourself!