Best Drag and Drop Website Builder in 2023. Elementor Pro?

Did you know that every minute, around 175 new websites are created? According to Siteefy, there are over 1.7 billion websites online accessible all around the world (April 2022 Source). Out of 1.7 billion websites, roughly 83% of websites are inactive. This is in part due to time-consuming, and costly website building methods that are now becoming more and more outdated thanks to beginner-friendly web builders like Elementor. Elementor is a cost-effective way to build an entire professional website without needing to know how to code!

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Now with the help of Elementor, you can create a stunning website by just drag and dropping. Below we’ll go over some of Elementor’s best free and pro features so you can decide if Elementor is the best website builder for you or your business.

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is a responsive website builder that helps users to build a website and is easy to one-click install on WordPress via “Add Plugin”. Elementor is free to use to create basic websites, however, if you plan on creating a professional website you may need to get the Elementor Pro license plan so you have access to all of their advanced elements.

Elementor Pro offers users access to many more features including pre-made templates plus entire site kits, dynamic content for headers/footers, and pro elements not currently available to free users.  No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran web developer; Elementor can help you save time designing and building your site.

What are the different features of The website builder; Elementor pro?

Elementor gives users access to over 100+ widgets to build their website and has over 300+ pre-designed templates and blocks to choose from!

Say goodbye to headaches as the Elementor Pro service can give you an easy layout and design plan without learning any CSS or HTML! Elementor is a special drag-and-drop web builder, saving you time while you create beautiful and professional websites. Let’s highlight some reasons why this might be an appealing choice for any busy entrepreneur!

About Elementor's Editor

The Editor provides you the facility to design your webpage without any code. you have a nice selection of templates completely customizable with design, color scheme, etc. Start building from scratch or find a pre-built template that is a good fit for your website and save time by starting there!

  • Drag and Drop Editor: Build websites and webpages by simply dragging and dropping your content widgets into the site, with countless functions and design features your website possibilities are endless.
  • Live Editing: You can design your website theme as you want in a real-life application.
  • Elementor and word press: Elementor provides you with the fastest speed and security gadgets that help you to customize everything in your blog without installing any other plug-in; you get it all in one plugin with Elementor.
  • 100+ Widgets: Elementor produces 100+ widgets that help you to design your webpage according to your field of interest, either complex design or ecommerce capabilities.
  • Responsive Editing: You can set your web page according to every screen, such as a mobile, tablet, PC, etc.
  • 300+ Designer-made templates: You can get customized design templates according to every industry through Elementor Pro.

Workflow Optimization

  • Global Edition: You can set up presets for your design to make editing much quicker. Set presets such as your custom colors, global fonts, headers, different widgets, and much more to make your web creation experience as efficient as possible (a pro tip is to save time by re-using your website layouts by saving or duplicating your already built templates).
  • Site Settings: Through site setting, you can control all elements such as lightbox settings, theme styles, site identity, and layout style.
  • Dark Mode: If you want to save power and work in a less eye-straining environment, you can run Elementor in dark mode.
  • Finder: Accessibility tools like Elementor’s “Finder” (ctrl + e) allow you to type and find any page within Elementor. You don’t have to waste time navigating WordPress to find your desired page. You can instead search it easily with Elementor’s finder, type your desired pages name, or related keywords to instantly access that page with one click.
  • Mark Widgets As Favorites: To further save time Elementor now allows you to designate your “favorite” elements and pin them to the top left sidebar within your Elementor page builder.
  • Navigator: You can quickly access all changes, different pages, and elements of Elementor through the navigator.

Website Creation

  • Create Mobile Friendly Content With Ease: You don’t need any code to design a desktop or mobile-friendly template; you can drag files straight from your desktop and drop them directly into your design. Now with Elementor editing how images, videos, sound clips, lottie files, and more appear on different devices that are viewing your website is easy.
  • In-line editing: Editing text couldn’t be easier, click on any text box within the editor and begin typing to change the content to whatever you type. Now writing blog posts can feel almost as easy as writing a google doc. 
  • Right-click menu: Click right and access the multiple options, such as duplicate, cut, copy, paste, etc.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys: Elementor features many keyboard shortcuts or “hotkeys”. Hotkeys allow you to complete common actions within Elementor more efficiently (see picture below – you can also access Elementor Keyboard shortcuts inside the builder at anytime by pressing Shift + ?)

Save and Backups

  • Revision History: Elementor’s revision history tool allows you to undo or redo any recent work you have done while building with the help of a shortcut key.
  • Draft Mode: You can save your page as a draft for later work and it won’t be public to any visitors until you decide to publish it.
  • Auto Save: Elementor will periodically save your work automatically; don’t worry if you get distracted or forget to save your work.

Kits Library

Kit’s library enables you to import various data, such as built-in websites or elements and wireframes.

  • Landing page templates: You can create a highly converting landing page with the help of pre-designed templates. 
  • Page template: Don’t worry about the homepage or the page; you can download it from a built-in template at Elementor. 
  • Import Export: You can export all parts of websites; or import them from other websites using Elementor.
  • Blocks templates: You can design your page into the block with the help of block templates.
  • Pop-up templates: You can create professional pop-ups with the help of a designer’s pop-up templates.

Design Capabilities

This feature enables all the users of Eliminators to design their websites according to their priorities. You can set colors, themes, font size, add motion effects, and everything on your webpage.

  • Global fonts: Select the required fonts and apply on which part you want to apply, from heading to every word in simple one click.
  • Global color: You can add global colors to your page and save the theme for later use.
  • Global CSS: You can customize global CSS and use it on the entire website.
  • Theme style: You can style your websites, heading, background, image styles, and form fields and save them as default templates.

Assets and Media

You can add background videos, background slides, different built-in icons, SVG icons, shape dividers, and mask shapes, all in one plugin Elementor Pro.

  • Color and effects: It enables you to use gradient color, CSS filters, Blend modes, Box shapes, and background overlays on your websites.
  • Typography: It enables you to set font size, color, spacing, line spacing, and everything you want to add related to text appearance.
  • Layout: You can use built-in templates in the Elementor to set the layout of your webpage. It provides you access to Canvas templates, Flexbox alignments, margins and padding, and things that require you to design a webpage.
  • Responsive design: It helps you with a responsive design for seven dives, and you can set it according to your convenience.
  • Motion and interaction: You can add transitions and motivation effects to your webpage to make it attractive.
  • Ecommerce features: When you design your e-commerce websites with Elementor pro and link Woo Commerce you will have access to everything you need for selling and fulfilling orders.
  • Ecommerce: You can build your ecommerce websites and connect your customers with impressive landing pages, different pop-ups, etc.
  • Woo Commerce: Your visitors can enjoy the ultimate shopping experience with the help of Woo commerce.

Theme Builder (Only For Elementor Pro)

Elementor’s theme builder allows you to create dynamic website portions that can be displayed on the pages that you specify. Some of these would include dynamic headers, footers, product pages for e-commerce sites, and more!

Advanced Features

Elementor currently lets users access all different advanced and new “experimental” features like: improved CSS loading, flexbox container element, custom page transitions for entrance and exit animations and much more!

Elementor Helps Make Building Websites Easier

Inside the easy to use editor on your left you will have a sidebar filled with different elements such as heading, textbox, image, and much more. To start building your web page just begin dragging and dropping elements into your page on the right side of your desktop. Once you drag an element to the page you can then type, or insert your content within. All elements can be designed almost any way you could desire for your website.

Elementor Pro Pricing

If you are only planning on building a simple web page Elementor’s free version will be fine for you to use. However, if you are planning on building a professional website, e-commerce store, or any big website you can save a lot of time building your website with Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro Pricing Plans

If you are only planning on building a simple web page Elementor’s free version will be fine for you to use. However, if you are planning on building a professional website, e-commerce store, or any big website you can save a lot of time building your website with Elementor Pro.

  • Essential Plan – Elementor Pro Plugin License Activation For One Website – $49/year
  • Expert Plan – Elementor Pro Plugin License Activation For Twenty-Five Websites – $199/year
  • Agency Plan – Elementor Pro Plugin License Activations For One Thousand Websites – $999/year

Features in Pro Version

  • 300+ Professionally designed website templates.
  • 100+ Pro Widgets
  • Theme Builder: For designing and managing the dynamic portions of the website.
  • Visual Form Builder: Help in marketing such as you can compose any form such as sign-up form, basic information form, etc.
  • Woo Commerce Builder: Help to build your Woo commerce product pages 
  • Custom Landing Page Templates: Professionally designed landing pages for product promotions, discounts, or special offers.

Elementor Pros

Elementor is one of the best and most widely used page builders for WordPress. Here is a list of pros that make Elementor stand out from other WordPress website builders.

  • Easy to Use: Elementor provides a lot of features for website creation that are user-friendly and is also beginner friendly.
    More Than 90% Free Features: The Elementor pro version is very affordable for what you get, but you can use more than 90% of Elementor’s features with the free version!
    Responsive Website Functionality: You can design a website accordingly for tablets, mobile and desktop views distinctly and individually.
    Layout formatting and designing: One of Elementor’s main appeals is that you can customize your website layout, set global font colors, and arrange your margins and heading without any coding!
    Real-time preview: You can edit your website through in-line texting and also see how it looks while you work.

Cons of Elementor

  • Slower Speeds: Elementor can slow down your website if you aren’t using its lightweight and free-to-use theme “Hello Elementor”.
  • Support Only For Pro: If you encounter an issue and get stuck you can’t get 24/7 support in the free version, you have to activate the pro version to get quick assistance with your problem.
  • Not Working Proficiently in All Browsers: It is compatible with all browsers, but in a few browsers, its speed becomes slower such as Firefox.
  • Few SEO Tools: Elementor provides SEO features such as Schema Markup for FAQ, but still, some additional tools may be required for those interested in advanced SEO.

Final Thoughts About Elementor Pro

Many may find Elementor Pro is the best DIY website builder for them because it is user-friendly and easy to use. Elementor’s intuitive drag-and-drop building made it stand out among other website builders. If you only want to try creating a basic website, then the free Elementor plug-in might be best for you. If you need to build a professional website with a header and footer Elementor Pro is going to save you a lot of time trying to find free workarounds. fully flourished websites for your business, then Elementor Pro is best for you.

Elementor Pro gives users access to pre-made templates, entire site kits, dynamic elements like headers/footers, plus additional advanced elements or widgets.

The free version of elementor is fine for creating basic web pages. If you plan on creating a professional website we recommend you try out Elementor Pro to get full access to all the features.

Currently, One Elementor Pro License is $49 a year. Twenty Five Pro Licenses is $199 a year. 1000 Elementor Pro Licenses is currently on sale for $399 for the first year, and $999 after the first year.

Elementor Pro is an all-in-one plugin, many websites will require additional plugins to run besides Elementor. With a good hosting provider and minimal plugins, your elementor site can still run very fast