NASDAQ TotalView Review

NASDAQ TotalView Review


As an investor how do you know what price to buy or sell a stock? This is where market data comes into play.

Market data includes information about the current trades that are being made and for what price the shares are currently being bought or sold.

Right now if you sign up for a Webull account you will receive a free 3 month subscription to level 2 advance Nasdaq TotalView subscription and 2 free stocks when you open an account deposit $100 or more into your new trading account.

What is NASDAQ TotalView?

As Oliver Albers, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Partnerships for Nasdaq’s Global Information Services said: “Nasdaq works to make sure the world’s financial markets are accessible to all. Nasdaq TotalView gives users great insight into equity markets to help them make more informed decisions.” Nasdaq TotalView provides stock traders with full order book depth giving users the ability to see real time market orders for whatever stock they are trading.

NASDAQ TotalView on Webull

One of Webull’s biggest goals has been providing it’s traders with the best tools, indicators, and features. Most recently Webull has partnered with NASDAQ to bring investors Level 2 Advance Market Data powered by NASDAQ.

Level 2 Data includes prices and quantities of the best 30 levels of bids and asks for all NASDAQ-, NYSE- and regional-listed stocks on NASDAQ Market Center.

How to Use Level 2 Advance Market Data

Level 2 Market Data gives investors an accurate idea into how a stock is really being traded by providing them with the current top 60 market orders. The OrderBook is made up of the top 30 “Bid” orders and the top 30 “Ask” orders.

The “Bid” column contains the best current market orders attempting to buy that particular stock and the “Ask” column contains the best current market orders attempting to sell that stock. 

This information can help investors identify the most strategic buying and selling opportunities. Imagine an investor is interested in buying or selling shares of a company. Usually he would only be presented with the price at which the stock most recently sold at. Level 2 Market Data gives investors a better view of the total market to help them identify price movement.

If you’re interested in learning more click here to watch our new youtube video, “What Price Should You Buy or Sell a Stock?”.

NASDAQ TotalView Cost

With Webull, NASDAQ TotalView Level 2 Market Data is $1.99 a month. Although, right now new users can try a free 3 month subscription after creating an account here.

NASDAQ TotalView Trial

The NASDAQ TotalView Trial from Webull lasts 3 months and includes Level 2 Advance. Investors may access Level 2 Data powered by NASDAQ in the Order Book widget available on both mobile and Webull 4.0 for Desktop.

Is NASDAQ TotalView Worth It?

Similarly to many other active traders, I never realized how important having full Level 2 Market Access was until Webull gifted me my own personal three month subscription. 

Go try a free three month subscription of Level 2 Advance NASDAQ TotalView right now when you create a free new Webull account.

Make sure to leave a comment below if you also found the Advance Market Data helpful or have any questions!